Ada Rahimi

First Apperance

Place of Life

Last Apperance

Place of Life


Father put off life support


early 20s


Mahmoud Rahimi (Father, deaceased)

Layla Rahimi (Mother, alive)



Portrayed by

Janina Gavankar

Ada Rahimi is the daughter of Mahmoud Rahimi and Layla Rahimi. Mahmoud is on life support and has been declared  brain dead.  A doctor asks Ada's mother whether she wants to donate his organs, and Ada's mother believes that her father would want to help others out. She wants to wait until her Ada arrives so she can say goodbye. Ada arrives at the hospital and wants a second opinion on her father's brain death. She is concerned that the hospital coerced her mother and did not do everything they could for her father. Ryan is upset when he and David arrive at the hospital and are told about the delay. Ryan tries to talk with the family, loudly stating that the is a heart for a pregnant woman, when David pulls him back. David explains that there can be no pressure to donate, it must be a gift.  Ada approaches Ryan and shares that her father had a really hard time in America because of his ethnicity. She explains that she wanted to make sure everything was done to save her father and Ryan assures her that the organs are not even thought of until after there is no hope. She is pleased that her father's heart will go to the pregnant woman and agrees to the donation. As Mahmoud's life support is switched off, she says her final goodbye.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Ryan) "This may be something you're fimilair with, but I've seen my father mistreated because of where he comes from. He couldn't get a job in the Union at first, and when he did, some of the workers called him Iah-Tohlah. And after 9/11, he lost our government contract because he couldn't get a secerity clerence. So when I arrived, and the organ donation was all ready in motion, and I heard these stories that if you signed up for donation then doctors won't try to save you."
  • (To Ryan) "Do what you need to do."