Antonio Potter

First Apperance

Code Green

Last Apperance

Code Green


Found and treated for head injury




Eagles' reciever




Portrayed by

Dwain Murphy

Antonio Potter is the Eagles' receiver and was a patient of Three Rivers Medical Center. The Bolton Valley High School (Eagles) is playing a football game against the Cass City Bears. It is near the end of the game and the score is tied at 21. The Eagles quarterback, Blair Hubbell, makes a great apply through the winning touchdown to his receiver, Antonio. As they are driving home, Antonio begins harassing the team's water boy, Bobby, and tries to begin a fight with him. Blair stops the argument and changes seats with Bobby, so Antonio will back off. Bobby drifts off to sleep, and the tire on the bus blows out. Bobby wakes up at the scene of the accident and sees the bus lying on its side. Bobby gets up and begins walking around and he finds Antonio, sitting up dazed. Bobby goes for help and Antonio gets up and starts walking. Antonio is found and treated for his head injury. At the hospital, he and Bobby forgive and forget. It is persumed that Antonio is now out of the hospital, as he was not in critical condition or in need for a transplant, like Kuol Adebe Ketebo or Brenda Stark.