Bill Dula

First Apperance

A Roll of the Dice

Last Apperance

A Roll of the Dice


Kidney transplant successful




Candace Dula (Wife, alive)



Portrayed by

Matt Roth

Bill Dula is the husband of Candace Dula. In a grocery store, a young mother is talking on her cell phone while her daughter is trying to reach a ceral box in a grocery cart. The grocery cart nearly tips over when a Bill saves it, and the young mother thanks Bill. The young mother finds Bill collapsed, and calls for help. Dr. Miranda Foster is telling Bill and Candace that Bill has kidney failure due to running a marathon. Miranda suggests dialysis, which Candace and Bill say no to. Miranda offers Candace to donate her kidney to Bill. Despite Bill's protests, Candace say that they're interested. Ryan Abbott tells Miranda that Candace cannot donate to Bill. Then Miranda finds a sutible donor on a daisy chain, and talks with it Bill and Candace. Bill and Candace agree. Miranda tells Bill and Candace that the comitte approved the daisy chain, and Bill has a donor, Mr. Wilkinson. Bill remembers his grandfather talk about the greater good, and now he realizes what it means, and he agrees to the daisy chain. A kidney offer has been made for Bill. Miranda tells the discouraged Ryan that it's not Bill's job to worry about the daisy chain, it's theirs'. Miranda talks to Bill and Candace about the options. Bill will go for the transplant, and Candace will do the daisy chain. Miranda begins the opperation on Bill. When Miranda hands the kidney to David, David says that she should do it, and Miranda does. Miranda is visting Bill and Candace, who both say that they've felt like they've been run over by a truck, but "they've never felt better."