Blair Hubbell

First Apperance

Code Green

Last Apperance

Code Green


Declared brain dead




Mr. Hubbell (Father, alive)
Mrs. Hubbell (Mother, alive)


Eagles' qaurterback



Portrayed by

Cody Longo

Blair Hubbell was a patient at Three Rivers. He was the quarterback for the Bolton Valley High School Eagles. His pass to receiver Antonio leads to them winning a game again the Cass City Bears. After being yelled at by his father for such a close game, Blair opts to ride the bus home with his teammates. As they are driving home, the tire on the bus blows out and the bus crashes. When they are brought in to Three Rivers, Blair is treated by  Dr. Miranda Foster. She jokes with him about his last name and then he falls unconscious. A CT scan shows that Blair is bleeding in his brain. Dr. Sophia Jordan joins Miranda as Blair begins seizing, but their efforts to stop the seizures are in vain. Blair is declared brain dead and becomes an organ donor for the hospital.