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Code Green

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Code Green






Eagels' water boy




Portrayed by

Devon Werkheiser

Bobby was a patient of Three Rivers Medical Center, and is the Eagles' water boy. Bobby and his teammates are heading towards the bus when Blair's father starts screaming at him. Blair's father is angry because the team was leading the game until Blair had thrown several interceptions. Bobby tries to calm Mr. Hubbell down, but it is in vain. Blair gets mad at his father and tells him he will ride home with his teammates. As they are driving home, Antonio begins harassing Bobby, and tries to begin a fight with him. Blair stops the argument and changes seats with Bobby, so Antonio will back off. Bobby drifts off to sleep, and the tire on the bus blows out. Bobby wakes up at the scene of the accident and sees the bus lying on its side. Bobby gets up and begins walking around and he finds Antonio, sitting up dazed. Bobby goes for help and Antonio gets up and starts walking. At Three Rivers, Lisa is contacted about the bus crash and she issues a "Code Green" to the staff. She explains that they are many kids that have been injured and neighboring counties have sent their ambulances to help. Kids are starting to be brought in for treatment. Bobby is brought in with Blair on a stretcher behind him. Bobby is treated for minor injuries and Blair, who is conscious, is treated by Dr. Miranda Foster. Despite the best efforts, Blair Hubbell is declared brain dead. The hospital discuss organ donation with the family. Bobby finds Mr. Hubbell in the lobby looking at the donor's wall. Mr. Hubbell regrets that his final moments with his son were fight over the game. And if he hadn't yelled at Blair, maybe he would not have been on the bus. Bobby shares that Blair changed seats with him. They comfort each other. Pam has been with Bobby, bandaging his wounds, when he states that there were forty-two people on the bus. Pam does not think that is correct and talks with Lisa, who confirms that there are forty-one patients accounted for. They realize that there is still another injured kid out there and they have Bobby look at the patient roster. He realizes that Antonio is missing. Based on Bobby's statements about Antonio, Lisa suggests that a surgeon accompany the helicopter back to the scene. Miranda is volunteered to go. Antonio is found and treated for his head injury. At the hospital, he and Bobby forgive and forget.


  • "It'd be a pretty minor achievement."


  • Bobby is one out of the ten characters whose last name is not mentioned.