Brandon Ayers

First Apperance

Code Green

Last Apperance

Code Green


Heart transplant successful




Deb Ayers (Wife, alive)

April Ayers (Daughter, mentioned, alive)

Crystal Ayers (Daugter, mentioned, alive)

One unnamed child (Mentioned, alive)






Portrayed by

Christopher Bello

Brandon Ayers was a paitent at Three Rivers Medical Center and the patient of Dr. Andy Yablonski. His heart was donored by a 43 year-old out of Lancaster. Brandon is 36 years old and he has three children. He is rapidly deteriorating and needs a new heart. His wife, Deb visits him regularly and is very anxious for him to get a new heart. Brandon is currently being treated with ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) which is used for a short amount of time and Andy states he probably has less than a week. Ryan is notified that UNOS has a heart for Brandon from a 43 year-old out of Lancaster. Ryan heads off to find Andy and runs into Deb, who weasels the information out of Ryan, they have a heart for Brandon. Ryan finds Andy and Dr. Jordan working on patients in the ER and shares the good news. He tells them that Lancaster reports that the donor is unstable and they need to get their team there, now. They only have a few hours before the organs will no longer be viable. Andy wants to accept the heart, but Dr. Jordan asks him how they are going to get it. She reminds him that they are in the middle of a crisis and they cannot spare any doctors. Andy tells Ryan to accept the heart and he will find a way. He leaves with Ryan to begin brainstorming and reminds Ryan not to tell the family. Ryan confesses that he accidently told Deb about the heart. Andy scolds Ryan that he should not have told the family, because he cannot get their hopes up, as they could be many reasons why he may not have accepted the heart. He tells Ryan that he screwed up and tells him he needs to get that heart. Ryan comes back to the hospital with the heart and delivers it to Andy in the operating room. Andy puts the new heart into Brandon's chest and they wait for it to begin beating. They grab the internal paddles and shock the new heart and it begins beating on its own.