Brenda Stark

First Apperance

Good Intentions

Last Apperance

Good Intentions


Scott Becker's transplant successful








Portayed by

Britt Robertson

Brenda Stark is a paitent of Three Rivers Medical Center. At Three Rivers, we meet Brenda and Scott, two teenage patients who both are in need of new hearts. Brenda has been in and out of the hospital, waiting on a new heart for over six years. The boy is Scott Becker, is a former alcoholic and drug addict and he has been clean 6 months. Dr. Andy Yablonski goes to share the good news with Scott about being accepted on the list for a heart, only to find him Scott Brenda's room, in bed, kissing. Andy is not happy that Scott took out his and Brenda's IV's for this little meeting. Andy goes looking for Scott to let them know they have a heart and finds him with Brenda, just about to kiss. He shares the good news with Scott, who is concerned that it is not Brenda getting the new heart. Andy is already in the operating room, when he is informed that Scott is nowhere to be found. The staff looks around the hospital and even talk to Brenda, all the while fearing the worse; he went back to his old ways. Just before Scott goes in for his transplant, she and Scott kiss. They are seen holding hands after the succesful transplant. In A Roll of the Dice, it is revealed that Brenda moved to Oregon after getting her transplant.