Daniel Henney


November 28, 1979

Carson City, Michigan, United States




Years active



Dr. David Lee

Daniel Henney (b. November 28, 1979) portrayes the womanizing medical resident, Dr. David Lee.

Career Edit

Daniel has worked as an international model in many ads and TV commercials before moving to acting in TV dramas and movies in Korea. Although Daniel can only speak the Korean language at a Jr. High level, he became a big star in Korea. Daniel stared modeling in 2001. Daniel didn’t graduate from University of Illinois at Chicago though; he decided to quit his study and ventured into modelling in 2001 instead. In South Korea, Daniel starred as Dr. Henry Kim in My Lovely Sam Soon in 2005, the same time as Hello Franceska. Daniel Henney was also recently seen in this summer's blockbuster hit X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in which he plays the character Agent Zero. Daniel's second film, won multiple awards in South Korea and was actually the first time in that country's history that a foreigner swept all the major cinema awards in the Best New Actor category. Daniel Henney has also appeared in the Off-Broadway production of Death of a Salesman. He started modelling in Korea as well as some other Asian and European countries. Daniel was already an established supermodel before making his acting debut in 2005. First in some cameo roles for Hello Franceska, before making his full debut with My Lovely Sam Soon the same year. Sam Soon is the most popular Korean drama in 2005; although Daniel was starring as the supporting actor, his performance (and look) was widely notice. Daniel then starred in another decent drama Spring Waltz in 2006; he also made his movie debut Seducing Mr. Perfect but the movie didn’t perform very well on box office. His seconed movie My Father (2007) did much better though. Seducing Mr. Perfect however revealed another of Daniel’s talents, singing. He sang the ending theme song together with Alex from boyband Clazziquai. It wouldn’t be surprised if Daniel managed to ink a recording deal and releases his album soon.

Personal life Edit

Daniel Henney was born in the U.S. to Phillip (American of British descent) and Christine (American of Korean descent). He graduated from Crystal High School in Carson City, Michigan in 1998. He was a basketball player and attended colleges on scholarship; and admitted into University of Illinois at Chicago. Daniel Henney studied Business Communications at Albion College and Alma College and as an avid sports enthusiast, played college basketball throughout his college years. Daniel Henney is also musically active and has been the lead vocal and guitarist for an underground rock band, Avarice, for two years. Currently, Daniel lives in Seoul, South Korea and Los Angeles.