Deb Ayers

First Apperance

Code Green

Last Apperance

Code Green


Husband's heart transplant successful


mid 30's


Brandon Ayers (Husband, aive)

April Ayers (Daughter, mentioned, alive)

Crystal Ayers (Daughter, mentioned, alive)

One unnamed child (Mentioned, alive)



Portrayed by

Tina Holmes

Deb Ayers is the wife of Brandon Ayers. Deb and Brandon have three children. Deb visits Brandon regularly in the hospital, and is very anxious for him to get a new heart; Brandon is rapidly deteriorating and needs a new heart. Brandon is currently being treated with ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) which is used for a short amount of time and Andy states he probably has less than a week. Ryan is notified that UNOS has a heart for Brandon from a 43 year-old out of Lancaster. Ryan heads off to find Andy and runs into Deb, who weasels the information out of Ryan, they have a heart for Brandon. Dr. Andy Yablonski is approached in the hallway by Deb, asking why no one has come in to talk with them about the heart. Andy explains that they are having some trouble locating a team to get the heart, but they are working on it. He promises her that as soon as they know something, they will be into share the news.