Detective Phillip Lombardi

First Apperance

Alone Together

Last Apperance

Alone Together






Rebecca (Finance, alive)








Portrayed by

James DuMont

Detective Phillip Lombardi was a paitent of Three Rivers Medical Center, and the partner of Rena Yablonski. Phillip and Rena, detectives, enter an apartment with a warrant and find Micheal Arellano holding his daughter in a threatening manner. The detectives are able to talk him down and then Phillip grabs his chest and collapses. Rena calls for a paramedic and informs them they will be going to Three Rivers. Phillip and Rena enter the ER, and Dr. Reed begins treating him. Dr. Andy Yablonski comes down and begins assisting. Dr. Reed asks Rena to leave, but Andy states that this is wife and she stays. They are able to stabilize Phillip and order tests. Rena excuses herself to call Phillip's finance, Rebecca. Andy and a cardiologist disagree on treatment and Andy takes over. Andy was correct about Phillip's issues and explains that he has an aortic aneurysm and he needs surgery. The problem is that he was given an anti coagulant to prepare for a catheter, which he now does not need. Andy explains that the longer they wait, the more time it gives the anti coagulant time to get out of his system. But the aortic aneurysm could burst at any minute and he would die. Andy states that there is a new procedure that he would like to try and Rebecca gives her consent. Phillip's quick fix is no longer holding and he is bleeding out. Andy rushes him back into the OR to suture the artery. Andy comes out and explains to Rebecca and Rena that they had to open Phillip's chest, but he will be find. Andy manages to save Phillip.


  • (To Micheal Arellano) "I'm about to become a dad too. The woman I'm gonna marry got two boys. Don't woory about what you did in the past; be the good dad today, right this second, and put the gun down. If you love her, that's what you'll think."
  • "Andy, don't let me die."