Detective Shannahan

First Apperance

Ryan's First Day

Last Apperance

Ryan's First Day


Found evidence for the murder of Faith


late 50s


Detective of Boston Police Department



Portrayed by

Ben Reed

Detective Shannahan is the detective involed in the murder of a young girl named Faith. Once Dr. Miranda Foster, Dr. David Lee, and Ryan Abbott, arrive at the hospital in Boston, they learn that the recovery has been put on hold; it seems that Detective Shannahan from the Boston police Department has tied Daniel to an open murder case. He states that they need to collect evidence from the body to determine if he is guilty. As they are collecting evidence, Detective Shannahan approaches Miranda and Ruth with some questions. Miranda chastises him for being so mean to Ruth and he comments that she raised a criminal. The police have gathered their evidence and it turns out Daniel is guilty of murdering a young girl, Faith. Detective Shannahan releases the body and the team is now free to harvest the organs.