Dorothy Cooper

First Apperance

Status 1A

Last Apperance

Status 1A


Declared brain dead


early 50s




Organ donor



Portrayed by

Livia Trevino

Dorothy Cooper was a patient of Three Rivers Medical Center, but her untimely death caused her heart to be tranfered to Kuol Adebe Ketebo's. Dr. Luc Bovell askes Dr. Andy Yablonski for assistace with Dr. Robinson's patient, Dorothy Cooper; Luc is covering for him, and he needs help intoducing himself to her. Dorothy has a bad heart, she explains, and Andy introduces Luc who is a good doctor, and Andy tells Dorothy that she's "in good hands." Luc tries to make a good inpression, but he is unsuccessful. As Luc accepts the donated heart, Andy says that he wants to talk with him. Ryan goes to arrange a pecurment team. Andy explains to Luc that Kuol is in a greater need than Dorothy, but Luc talks back, telling Andy that Dorothy has a rare blood type, and this heart might be the only heart with her blood type for a while. Andy tries to perswade Luc again, but Luc does not relent. Andy watches solmnely as the heart is taken away to transplant into Dorothy. Dorothy is wheeled out of the OR, but unexpectedly Dorothy is under code blue and suffers extensive brain damage. Andy is telling Ryan that he will accept any heart that UNOS has not offer when Luc says that Dorothy has been declared brain dead, and was a registered organ donor. Kuol was able to get the heart, and the transplant was successful.