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Rena Yablonski- (Wife, alive), Micheal Zelasko (Uncle, alive)


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The Great Dr. Yablonski

Dr. Andrew "Andy" Yablonski is the main protagonist in the series Three Rivers.

Andy is married to Detective Rena Yablonski, but their marriage is strained. Although Andy says he has a house (which his colleagues scoff at), Andy is currently living in a hotel. It is noted that Andy is the mentor of Dr. Miranda Foster, as she is a fellow. He is having an affair with Dr. Lisa Reed.

Background Edit


Andy with his uncle, Micheal Zelasko.

Andy grew ;up in Mt. Washington. As a teenager, Andy was a robber for his uncle, Micheal Zelasko. Andy got arrested during that time, an he was very close to going to prison, but did not for unknown reasons; it is suspected that Micheal was involved, similar to when Micheal paid $131,000 for Andy's medical school before he disappeared from Andy's life; Andy paid the exact amount back to Micheal, but Micheal donated the money to help one of Andy's patients.

Andy also knew a man named Paul Tiary. It is unknown who Andy's parents are but they are presumed deceased. Andy later graduated with honors from med school, and became a student of Dr. William Foster.


Andy is a good-nature doctor with a very sarcastic wit (despite his rough childhood), even in the most serious circumstances (similar to his patient, Kuol). He can also be described as a "smart ass. " Andy's personality makes him popular with his colleagues and patients, and the only person to ever see beyond the charming surgeon is Dr. Sophia Jordan, who is his superior. Andy, described by Alex O'Loughlin, is "like a Robin Hood figure in an effect that he fights for the underdog, and he fights for people, for whatever cannot get onto the transplant lists or minor technicalities here and there. He pushes the system and bucks the system, pushes his colleagues, and pushes the administration, to save people's lives who's lives are worth saving."

Such examples are when in Ryan's First Day, Andy asks Dr. Miranda Foster to get ;him and check the lungs of the donor, if they can be used, although Andy knew that his patient would not be able to get the lungs; in Good Intentions, Andy is able to get Scott Becker, despite being Scott being a former drug addict (when the committee was skeptical and reluctant) on the list for a heart.

However, in The Luckiest Man, Andy was opposed to the decision of putting a patient off life support to donate his organs; only Miranda agreed. Andy was so opposed to the decision that he would not operate on Kuol if Victor Stone was the donor.

In the end, though, Andy realized that it wasn't about him, it was about his patient, Victor. Andy says that he does not believe in fate, and considers life sacred. He also firmly believes that every doctor should have bedside manner, and Andy scorns Luc, because Luc has no bedside manner. For most of his patients, Andy expresses a normal doctor-patient relationship, except for Kuol. Andy treated Kuol more like a friend than a patient, and Andy did everything in his power to get a sickly Kuol a heart. Andy is also shown to deeply love and care for his wife, Rena. His relationship with Micheal is strained, but apparently Andy cares about him enough to not want to "rat him out." Andy wishes for ;a home, a family, and a "life." It is suspected that Andy yearns this way because of his early life.

Season OneEdit

Dr.andy yablonski

Dr. Andy Yablonski's first apperance.

In Place of Life, Andy is talking with Ryan Abbott. They get out of the elevator, where they meet Dr. Sophia Jordan and Dr. David Lee. Andy ;reminds the doctors about the meeting that they have to go to at 11:00; Dr. Jordan says to try 10:00.

Andy is called down from the transplant wing to talk to Kuol, a Sudanese young man who needs a new heart; he believes that Andy is the best transplant surgeon in the world. Teri Dawson is in the ER with her husband, J.C. Dawson when she suddenly passes out. Andy manages to revive her, and is concerned about her heart and her 28-week pregnancy. Teri is sent to the ICU for further evaluation.

At the transplant staff meeting, Andy arrives late, as usual, and shares information on their newest patient, Teri. Teri has congestive heart failure and she needs a heart transplant in order for her and her baby to survive. He explains that she is a hard match due to her rare blood type. The other option is that she can go on an assistive device, which would help her heart circulate the blood, until a heart can be found. Teri and her husband agree to get the operation for the device as soon as possible. Mahmoud's heart is entered into the database. Ryan receives that information, he is heart is a match for Teri. He rushes to stop Andy as he is about to operate on Teri to implant the device. Andy leaves the OR to discuss the options with her husband and he decides to take the heart.

Andy discovers that Kuol is not a U.S. citizen and he doesn't have any health insurance. Andy wants to raise the money in order for Kuol to get his new heart and enlists Sophia's help. Teri's heart fails and she is revived, but her brain was deprived of oxygen for several minutes. Andy informs JC that they have to deliver the baby via c-section to help Teri and the baby. He also explains that the baby must be delivered prior to the organ transplant.

Andy starts to perform the c-section on Teri and delivers her baby. Later, Andy is not sure if the oxygen deprivation will have any long-term effects on Teri. He is checking in on her and asks her to squeeze his hand if she understands him. He is pleased when she responds to him. Andy also tells her that her baby is doing well and shows her a video link to the nursery of JC and their child. Andy tells her she has a new child and a new heart.


Andy with Ryan Abbott and Dr. David Lee.

In Ryan's First Day, Andy begins ;his rounds with Carson Hayes a former heart patient of his. Carson has ignored Andy's instructions by eating poorly, smoking cigars and ignoring his diabetic condition. He is 52 years old and needs a double bypass. ;Christy is brought into the ER and the doctor, Lisa Reed brings her patient to Andy. It turns out Christy has pulmonary fibrosis and is need of a transplant. Andy brings this patient to the staff at their meeting and due to her being in remission for only three and a half years, they will not approve her for a transplant.

Ryan receives his first donor notification, Daniel's kidneys are a match for Ben Parnell and he begins making the appropriate arrangements. Andy finds out about the run and asks about the lungs. He is informed that the lungs have been damaged, but may still be viable to use for Christy. Andy asks Miranda to take a look at the lungs and bring them back if they can be used. He runs into Dr. Jordan who is unhappy about not being informed in regards to his plans with Christy. Andy apologizes and Dr. Jordan approves the procedure realizing this is her only chance to live. Andy talks to the patient and her father about the transplant and explains the risks. Without the transplant, she will die in a few weeks. With the transplant, the lungs may not work and she could die during the surgery. Her father does not like the option, but Christy reminds him she is an adult and she gives her permission to proceed.

Miranda creates a video connection between herself and Andy, so he can view the lungs, which he approves. The team is on their way back. Miranda and Andy are on the roof, sharing a beer and she inquires about his home. He points to the location of his home, even though his is currently living in a hotel. He explains that he lives near Monongahela. He points the other way stating that is the Allegheny River and the third side is the Ohio River; hence the Three Rivers.

Daniel's mother is seen entering the hospital and stops to look at a wall with many names on it. Andy approaches her and explains that this is where they honor the people who have donated their organs. She explains that she is Daniel's mother and Christy asked her here and Andy tells her that Christy is very excited to meet her. Andy tells her that Daniel's name will be added to the wall and she is happy.

In Good Intentions, somewhere outside Pittsburgh, Mick, Andy, and others are playing rugby. Andy purpusely trips Mick; Mick tries to pick a fight with Andy, but Andy ignores him. At Three Rivers, Andy introduces the staff at the meeting to Scott and notes that he has been approved by UNOS for listing. Some of the members of the group are concerned and Andy states that Scott's parents are willing to help with the aftercare as long as Scott is sober. Andy goes to share the good news with Scott, only to find him in Brenda 's room, in bed, kissing.

Andy is not happy that Scott took out his IV for this little meeting. Andy tells him he needs to be on the straight and narrow, now that he is on the list. Andy goes looking for Scott to let them know they have a heart and finds him with Brenda, just about to kiss. He shares the good news with Scott, who is concerned that it is not Brenda getting the new heart. Andy explains that it is not a matter of who has waited longer, just happens this way. Later, Pam preps Scott including putting a feed on him and then leaves for lunch. Andy is already in the operating room, when he is informed that Scott is nowhere to be found. The staff looks around the hospital and even talk to Brenda, all the while fearing the worse; he went back to his old ways. Pam comes back for lunch and notes that she had prepped him and they can easily locate him by GPS.

When they turn it on, it shows him at the hospital; Andy realizes the only place left to look is the roof. Andy heads up there and finds Scott, afraid of this new chance and that he will not succeed in staying off the drugs. He is also concerned that Brenda needs this heart more than he does and Andy explains that he is at a crossroad in his life and he needs to make a choice. Andy shares that he too was once at a crossroad and needed to make a tough choice. Andy tells Scott that he needs to take this heart for Brenda, so he can be there for her when it is her turn. Scott agrees to the transplant and it is successful.

In Code Green, Andy has a patient, Brandon Ayers, who is 36 years old and he has three children. He is rapidly deteriorating and needs a new heart. His wife, Deb visits him regularly and is very anxious for him to get a new heart. Brandon is currently being treated with ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) which is used for a short amount of time and Andy states he probably has less than a week.

Andy and the staff are informed that Three Rivers is under a "Code Green."

After infomed of a "Code Green," Andy sees a young boy, Chad Nevins for a leg injury along with Dr. Tupper who believes that due to the open fractures, shattered bones and with the arteries compromised; they need to amputate, now. Chad is not happy and they wait for his sister, Angela, who is his legal guardian. Angela Nevins explains to Andy that Chad is 18 years old and their mom is dead and dad is locked up. She states that all Chad has is football to get him into college. Andy explains that there is another option but that Chad probably won't play football again. Andy states that they can try to reconstruct the leg. They begin prepping Chad for his surgery. Andy questions Melissa about if Blair is going to have his organs donated and if so, he reminds her that he has a patient that a new heart. Later, she finds Andy and tells him that UNOS has other plans for the heart. Andy and Dr. Jordan working on patients in the ER and Ryan shares the good news. He tells them that Lancaster reports that the donor is unstable and they need to get their team there, now.

They only have a few hours before the organs will no longer be viable. Andy wants to accept the heart, but Dr. Jordan asks him how they are going to get it. She reminds him that they are in the middle of a crisis and they cannot spare any doctors. Andy tells Ryan to accept the heart and he will find a way. He leaves with Ryan to begin brainstorming and reminds Ryan not to tell the family. Ryan confesses that he accidentally told Deb about the heart. Andy scolds Ryan that he should not have told the family, because he cannot get their hopes up, as they could be many reasons why he may not have accepted the heart. He tells Ryan that he screwed up and tells him he needs to get that heart. Andy is approached in the hallway by Deb, Brandon's wife, asking why no one has come in to talk with them about the heart. Andy explains that they are having some trouble locating a team to get the heart, but they are working on it. He promises her that as soon as they know something, they will be into share the news. Ryan has succeeded in getting Gonzo connected to the video conferencing system in the operating room. Andy attempts to call in a favor and Gonzo reminds him that Andy owes him. Andy then asks if he would use one of his "Speedy" jets to hop over to Lancaster and bring that heart here. Gonzo agrees. Andy tells Ryan someone needs to meet the jet at the airport and Ryan eagerly offers. Ryan comes back to the hospital with the heart and delivers it to Andy in the operating room. Andy puts the new heart into Brandon's chest and they wait for it to begin beating. Andy grabs the internal paddles and shock the new heart, and it begins beating on its own.

In Alone Together, Andy and Ryan are in the hallway when Kuol comes running up to him. He explains that he has discovered this great new game, "Rock Band" and he wants the key to Andy's room, because he has a forty-two inch flat screen in there. Andy tells him that it would be inappropriate for Kuol to be in his room alone. Kuol pleads with Andy, but Andy stays firm. Kuol looks at Ryan asking about a heart and Ryan tells him that there is nothing yet. Kuol leaves and as Andy walks away, he realizes that Kuol lifting his keys. Phillip and Rena enter the ER and Dr. Reed begins treating him. Andy comes down and begins assisting. Dr. Reed asks Rena to leave, but Andy states that this is wife and she stays. They are able to stabilize Phillip and order tests. Rena excuses herself to call Phillip's finance, Rebecca. Andy and a cardiologist disagree on treatment and Andy takes over. Andy was correct about Phillip's issues and explains that he has an aortic aneurysm and he needs surgery. The problem is that he was given an anti coagulant to prepare for a catheter, which he now does not need. Andy explains that the longer they wait, the more time it gives the anti coagulant time to get out of his system. But the aortic aneurysm could burst at any minute and he would die. Andy states that there is a new procedure that he would like to try and Rebecca gives her consent. At Three Rivers, Phillip's quick fix is no longer holding, and he is bleeding out. Andy rushes him back into the OR to suture the artery. Andy

Andy's wife, Rena Yablonski.

comes out and explains to Rebecca and Rena that they had to open Phillip's chest, but he will be find. Rena shares with Rebecca how proud and in love she is with Andy, but feels that this is not enough to save their marriage. Later that night, Andy and Rena are outside of the hospital talking about their marriage. She tells him that unless they make significant changes in their lives, their marriage is over. She notes that they both spend too much time at work and not enough time at home with each other. Andy is convinced that this is about her wanting children and she states that is part of it. She believes that they would end up ignoring any children that they have and she would be parenting them alone. She tells Andy that she is extremely proud of him, referring to him as a "Rock star." Andy is in bed sleeping, when he is abruptly awakened by Kuol playing "Rock Band." Andy tells him to leave until Kuol states that he doesn't play in the hospital because he doesn't want to be alone. Andy tells Kuol that he believes his marriage is over. Andy takes the guitar and starts playing; Kuol joins in with the drums.

Andy and others operate on Dylan Campbell to remove a lung.

In Where We Lie, Andy visits Kuol and tells him that things are not looking good. He tells Kuol that he needs an L-VAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device), but the concern is that he has no money.

Andy is called to Dylan when they discover that his pulmonary artery has been damaged. Andy and Lisa are preparing Dylan for scan when they notice that he is bleeding, internally, they must go in and remove his lung, now. Andy explains to Dylan's mother, Lori that Dylan must have surgery to remove his lung. He explains that this is a risky procedure, but that Dylan will die without it.

Dylan is out of surgery and Andy explains that the heart will continue to try to pump blood to both lungs and this could cause complications; the next 24 to 48 hours are critical.

Andy finds Lisa scrubbing the blood off of Dylan's shoes, stating that if he doesn't make the mother would want the shoes. Andy expresses that kids are the hardest patients to treat. Lisa becomes defensive and accuses Andy of referring to her as unprofessional.

Andy is concerned about Lisa's attachment to Dylan.

Andy tries to explain, but she ends up walk off, leaving him quite confused.

Dylan wakes up and everything appears to be all right with him. David and Andy tell Kuol that he has been accepted into a trial and they schedule him for the procedure. As they leave the room, Andy asks David how he was able to arrange this and David tells him that he had to jump through a few hoops. Andy shares his surprise as he talked with the people at Modrotech and they wouldn't budge. Later, Lisa finds Andy on the roof and apologizes for her behavior earlier. She tells him that her sister died in a car accident, when she was 12 years old. She tells Andy that she clearly remembers her sister's bloody shoes. Andy gives her a hug. As they about to kiss, Lisa pulls away and thanks Andy for listening as she leaves. As Andy stares out into the sky. David tells him that Kuol is ready for the surgery and they go inside to insert Koul's L-VAD.

In The Luckiest Man, Andy runs into Kuol in the hallway as he is racing around with his new L-VAD. Andy tells him he needs to slow down, but Kuol states that he feels better than he has in a long time. Dr. Jordan responds to the ER to care for Victor and calls Andy in to consult as he has ALS. They determine that he has torn the sac around his heart and needs surgery. Victor's daughter Laura, who he refers to as "Cookie" arrives at the hospital. They transport Victor upstairs. Victor consents to having Andy operate on him. Only to discover that there was a complication, they discovered that his diaphragm was injured as well. Andy explains that he needs to be on a respiratory life support and this may last for the duration of his life. Victor has decided that he wants to refuse medical treatment and wants to donate his heart to Kuol. Andy is stunned by the revelation, as is the entire hospital staff. Kuol is genuinely surprised and saddened that anyone would do this on his behalf. A staff meeting is held and many of the doctors believe that this is a form of assisted suicide. It is also noted that Victor is a universal donor. Surprisingly the ethics committee does not oppose the decision and the staff votes (except Andy and Miranda) Three Rivers will allow the direct donation. Later, Andy tells Dr. Jordan that he wants no part of this surgery and removes himself as Kuol's surgeon.

Victor talks to Andy about changing his daughter's mind, but Andy states he shares his daughter position. Victor tells Andy that death will always win and that he is just trying to take control of his own life. Andy takes Laura downstairs to see the donor party, telling her that there would be many more people here next year due to her father. She tells him that he was not there when she was growing up and she just wants more time. Andy convinces that this decision is not about her, but about Victor. She agrees to him make his own decisions. Andy goes to Kuol and asks to be his surgeon again, which Kuol happily agrees to. Pam is working on the pre-op preparations when she notices that Kuol has a slight fever. She calls Andy over and Andy has to tell Kuol that he cannot have the surgery until they get the fever under control. As Victor is being wheeled into the OR, many of the families that are benefiting from his donation are lining the hallway, to thank him for his gift. His daughter is there to have a final goodbye.

In The Kindness of Strangers, Andy is alerted to see a patient in the ER. Nick Gerry was in ER, trying to get out of the bed because he wanted water and thought he needed pain meds. Nick took a fall down the attic stairs, and then drove himself to Three Rivers. Nick was operated on to fix the injury he had; he was bleeding in the chest. Later, Kuol eagerly shows Andy the newpaper article about Koul hoping to get a transplant, and shows him the website that would reach Kuol's gaol, the "break they needed."

Andy is finally able to approve Kuol on the UNOS list.

Koul is accepted on the UNOS list.

Andy gets an unsettling call, and Miranda shows him Nick's lab results. Andy listened to Nick's lungs, and Andy said that his liver functions were spiking and he could have kidney dis-function. Nick was asked a serious of questions, all of which Nick answered no to, except that his stress level was two times the highest number on the scale, ten. Andy reunites with Micheal, a man from his long-forgotten past. Micheal refers to Andy as Andrew. Micheal says that Andy is like a son to him.

Back when Andy was a teenager, Andy broke into people's houses "for (me) him." It took Andy getting arrested to make Micheal see that he didn't want his nephew to have that kind of life. At an unknown time, Micheal gave Andy money for medical school (which Andy paid Micheal back, but Micheal instead bought a car wash.) and Micheal went to prison at an unknown time. Andy is pleased to see Micheal after such a long time, but is skeptical of why Micheal wants to see him after a number of years. Back at Three Rivers, Andy and Miranda discuss Nick's symptoms with two other doctors, and they come to a conclusion that Nick is experiencing symptoms from CMV.

Andy tells the two couple that the virus was common, but for some, like Nick, it caused the symptoms that Nick experienced, but Andy informs them that he wasn't sure if that caused Nick to be sick. Nick declines from Beth's decision of asking another doctor's opinion. Two weeks later, Koul is laying peacefully in his hospital bed, doing crossword puzzles. Andy warns him to be careful. Ryan gives the list of the people who donated the money to Kuol, since Kuol wanted to thank them personally. Andy is surprized to learn that there was a $131,000 donation. The unexpected comes, when Beth lands in the hospital, and Nick and Beth are both in isolation. Andy and Miranda explain to Nick and Beth that they have been both experienced symptoms from chronic low-level expose to solvent; it could cause change in behavior: depression, mood swings, and anxiety. With medication, they could expect a full recovery. Miranda is concerned about Andy's behavior, and after some hesitation, she says goodbye to him. When Andy sees Micheal and Casper again, Micheal confesses that he was the one who donated the abundant money to Koul's foundation, because he believed that if he needed help, Andy would be there for him; Micheal's intentions prove to be wrong, even when Micheal reminds Andy of the blood they share; it is revealed that Micheal is Andy's uncle. Andy walks away.

In Win-Loss, Andy explains that he is concerned that Mark hasn't gotten any lungs yet, and his condition is worsening. Andy proposes that Mark should be put on ECMO. Andy and Miranda discuss on Mark's options. Anton Wethers is rushed to Three Rivers. Andy is called down, and treats Anton, and tells him to hang in there as Anton collapses. Andy is able to revive Anton, but is concerned that Anton's heart is too big for the VAD that they have to put in. Miranda shows Andy Mark's x-ray of Mark's lungs. Andy is worried about what's building up in his lungs. Andy says that Mark only has a few days. Anton is awake, and is hooked up to a machine, and has a VAD. Russ Coble, Anton's lawyer, arrives in Anton's room. Andy explains to Anton that he cannot leave just yet, since his heart is not pumping enough blood.

Meanwhile, Andy

Andy explains to Anton and Russ that he needs to replace Anton's valve.

introduces Anton in the meeting. Andy proposes that they replace the aortic valve. The others are concerned about Anton's history of drug usage, but they relent to Andy's decision.

Miranda introduces Mark, and the others believe that Mark is too sick to transplant. Miranda proposes getting another pair of lungs, and talks to Sue. Sue gives her her consent. Andy tells Anton about his condition; his valve is too small to pump blood, which is why he collapsed earlier, and proposes to replace his vale. Anton and Russ agree. Miranda, David, and Ryan, and the others are ready to go on the donor run. Andy tells Miranda to play nice, and let the other teams do their job. As they leave, Andy goes to replace Anton's valve.

While operating on Anton, Andy notices that the new valve is not working. He sends Anton upstairs. Andy is informed that the organ donation is put on hold, and tells Pam if Mark's condition changes, page him. Andy tells Anton that he needs a heart transplant. Anton asks how long it is before he can play ball. Andy tells him that he can never play ball again, and he's sorry. Anton refuses the heart transplant, and shouts at Russ to get out of his room. Andy is able to calm Anton down, and tells Anton that he has two choices: to live or die. The aorta of the donor's heart is nicked, and is too short to be transplanted. Miranda tells Andy on speaker phone, and he tells her to bring as much aorta as they can; he'll repair the rest. Andy is informed the recipient for the heart back out, and he decides to give the heart to Anton. Anton tells Andy to give it to someone else, because he can't play ball. If he can't play ball, why live. Andy tells him that he can do something, something, now, he can't even imagine, and tells him to take this heart. Miranda and the others are back.

As Miranda walks in with the lungs, she is informed by Andy that Mark died, and she is asked to scrub in. Anton's heart transplant is successful. After Andy meets with John, Anton's uncle. John is grateful that Anton is well. Andy talks with Miranda of what happened today. He explains that doctors don't control anything, and they're only one piece of the puzzle. In the morning, Andy watches as Anton meets his donor's family.

In A Roll of the Dice, Andy is greeted by his colleagues when he finds a navy capitan's hat for him since Dr. Jordan is at a conference meeting; Andy is covering for her. At his colleagues's insistence, Andy puts it on when Ryan and Pam tells him that he has a HS meeting in ten minutes, and there are three people on the phone. Scott, coming for a check up, is amused (as he witnessed the whole thing), and Andy and him embrace. It was reveled that Scott is getting along with his parents, he has a job for a youth group for young people had drug abuse. It was also reveled that Brenda, Scott's love interest, moved to Oregon after her transplant; Scott says that "they'll find a way to be together." The check up is almost done when Andy notices that not one (Scott had a skate boarding accident), but two of Scott's ankle's are swollen. Andy tells Scott that he's going to run some tests.

Andy checks the lab results of Scott, and it turns out that Scott has congestive heart failure. Pam tells Andy that Lisa needs him in the ER when Andy tells Pam that Scott is rejecting his heart. Andy puts a tube in Penelope's chest when she bleed out. She is taken up to the OR. Andy askes David why she is bleeding in the OR. David has no answer, but tells Andy to load her up with platelets and white blood cells. Andy is concerned that they know nothing about Penelope except her name, and tells Pam to find some more information. The bleeding is not stopping. Andy is checking on Scott, and Andy tells Scott that he has congestive heart failure, and he'll put him on medication to help stop rejecting the heart. Scott, dismayed, tells Andy that he's been clean since he got the transplant. Andy tells him that it has nothing to do with that as Scott's parents walk in. George, Scott's father, asks what's going on. Scott tells his father not to worry, they have a "plan." As Andy leaves, Scott tells him that if he hears screams, "it's just the sound of victory." Scott's mother, Rhonda Becker, thanks Andy for what he did for Scott. Scott is sitting alone in the lunchroom when Andy walks in.

Andy tells Scott that he has a anti-body rejection, and tells him that he's going to give him medicine to help his heart pump, and think about another transplant. Andy explains to Scott that he should explain what is going on with his heart to his parents, and Scott agrees. Andy is checking on Scott's heart when Ryan hands him a paper to sign. Andy explains to Miranda, who appeared in the wing earlier, that it wasn't her that made him annoyed, but the fact he is not a good replacement for Dr. Jordan. Andy manages to evade Ryan, as he believes that it's another call for him. It is not a call for Andy, but a kidney offer for Bill Dula. Andy walks into Scott's room, and finds him asleep. His parents share that they know that Scott is rejecting his heart. Andy shares with them the options, but he believes that transplant would work best; UNOS will not reject Scott, considering how ill Scott is. Andy tells his parents to not give up hope. Ryan gets a contact from UNOS, and informs Andy that they have a heart for Scott. Andy shares this news with Scott; Scott is convinced that the heart transplant won't work this time. Andy is able to encourage him to get this new heart. Andy has inserted the new heart in Scott when Scott is in FIB. Although they try to revive him, he dies. Andy informs Scott's parents, and he watches mournfully as they grieve. Andy is sitting in the lunch room alone when he is visited by Lisa. Andy shares that he has lost patients before, but Scott was a different patient, and it makes him want to give up. Andy and Lisa start a relationship.

In Every Breath You Take, Andy ases Lisa out on a date. Ryan breaks that moment when he tells Andy that his uncle is waiting in his office. Andy's uncle, Micheal Zelasko, turns up with a stab wound. Andy is treating Micheal's stab wound as Micheal asks him not to report the incident as Rena walks in. Micheal explains to her that he was the victim: the attacker stabbed Micheal, asking for money. Andy leaves, and Rena says that she'll stay with him until the detectives get here. Andy and Lisa report to the ambulances as they start to treat the victims. Lisa has Jimmy, and David and Miranda have Patrick, and Andy has Lance.

Andy orders a chest x-ray and Lance goes up to the ICU. Andy is concerned about Lance's lungs, and is confronted by his team. Andy asks if Lance has family near here, but they tell him that they're all that Lance has for family. Andy tells Ryan to find a pair of lungs for Lance; they only have a couple of hours. Rena tells Andy that the detectives from organized crime think that Micheal was stabbed by Pual Tiary, who Micheal did business with ten years ago. Andy knew him. Andy is called over to Ryan, who says there are no lungs for Lance anywhere; Andy says to keep on trying. Andy is trying to decide if he should put Lance off the ventilator. He comes to the decision that Lance should be put on ECMO, despite the slim chance of Lance getting a new pair of lungs. Andy has inserted the ECMO into Lance's chest when Ryan tells him that he stopped searching because UNOS can't give lungs to a person who is so ill. Andy says he'll try a desperate approach. Andy explains to Lance's team that Lance is too sick to get a new pair of lungs, but they can do another procedure: Andy can transplant one lobe of the lungs from a living donor, and another lobe from another donor on the other side. Andy also explains that the lobes will expand, and eventually, fill his chest; Lance's firefighting days will be over. All the firefighters agree for Andy to test them. Andy tells one of the firefighters that he's a match, but he can drop out if he wants to. The firefighter shares his fears of his two children, as he would be out of work for two months. He tells Andy that he can't do it. Tommy Frisk walks in for his results when Andy tells him that he's a match; Tommy accepts. Miranda walks in with more test results, sharing that Jimmy Hanks, who is incapacitated, was tested. It turns out that Gwen Richards was a match, but she decides not to donate. Andy and Miranda are about to take Jimmy into the OR when Gwen she'll do the transplant, not Jimmy, since Jimmy hasn't recovered yet.

Prepped for surgery, Tommy apologizes to Gwen for his behavior earlier. Gwen takes Tommy's hand as they go into the OR, signaling that she forgives him. Lance's transplant is successful. Lance isn't certain if Gwen will accept his thanks, but Andy encourages him to try. Everyone in Lance's team, including Gwen, greet him. Later that night, Andy and Lisa are about to go on their date when Rena's car pulls up. Andy tells Lisa to go wait inside as Rena tells Andy that Pual Tiary was found with a bullet wound in his head; Micheal murdered him. Rena warns Andy that the police know that Andy has a relationship with Micheal, and the money donated to Kuol's foundation could be at risk. Rena takes Andy's hand and Andy takes it. Andy watches as Rena pulls away.

In Case Histories, Andy learns that Dr. Jordan is back, and Dr. Luc Bovell, Andy's arrogant rival, is also there. Andy walks toward his rival with David as Luc is explaining one of the transplants the he, Andrew (Andy), and William (Dr. Foster) did together.

Andy then interrupts, telling Luc that the recipient rejected the liver and died. Luc is back at Three Rivers to observe, and he says to Andy that he may stay for awhile. Luc tries to work his charms on Lisa, but Andy intervenes and Luc is unsuccessful. A former heart transplant patient of Andy's, Lester Dimes, comes to Three Rivers, and Andy lightly scolds Lester for not exercising, as he should. Lester explains he has pain in his chest and side, and Andy tells Lester that they're going to have "a bunch of tests." Luc and Sophia visit Lester, who is on a bike, doing exercises. As Lester explains his symptoms to the doctors, Luc proposes a bypass surgery instead of getting a new heart. Andy is visiting Lester, who is now in a bed. Andy explains to Lester that his condition does not have to do with his heart, but Lester says that another doctor recommended by-pass surgery.

Andy is annoyed, and tries hard not to show it, and tells Lester that he'll speak to Luc about the decision. Andy confronts Luc, and tells him that he does not approve of the bypass surgery; Luc tries to explain to Andy that the bypass surgery is an experiment; Andy chastises Luc for his non-existent bedside manner, and leaves. Andy talks with Dr. Jordan, and she agrees with Andy about the bypass surgery, but tells him that Lester wil be the one who will make the decsion. Andy explains to Lester the options he has: if Lester goes for the bypass, it will push transplant down, and eventually he will have to get a new heart, but if he goes for the transplant, he will have "one surgery instead of two."

Lester says that he wants the bypass surgery. Miranda apologies for being late for the committee meeting as the social worker says Jill Hollis is not a viable candidate, because she can barely take care of herself, she just recently stopped drinking, and the only long term relationship she had is now gone, so she has no support. Andy and Miranda argue that her personal life does not mean that she can't get a transplant. They do a vote, and Jill is accepted on the UNOS list. Lester is experiencing pain before the bypass surgery, and Andy takes Lester to get a CT scan with Dr. Jordan. Andy tells Lester that he's going to have to remain still. Andy and Dr. Jordan find a gigantic clot in Lester's heart, and Andy is going to have to operate on him to get it out, but the clot also spread to part of his liver. Andy asks Dr. Jordan will be able to get it out, but Dr. Jordan says she's not certain if Lester will survive the operation. Andy calls Luc for a second opinion. They decide to work together to get the clot out by cardiac bypass. Luc is able to find the clot, and Andy puts Lester on bypass.

As Lester's heart stops, Andy is about to inside the superior vena cava while Luc dissectes the inferior, and is ready to snare the clot. Andy divides the clot; Andy gets out one half, and Luc gets another piece; the surgery is successful. Andy explains to Lester what happened, and Lester says that as soon as he gets out of here, he's going to run. Andy recommends walking first, and Lester thanks him. Andy and Luc are having a drink as they discuss Dr. Foster. Dr. Foster was wrong, however not completely right, when he said that his two students could not work together.

Luc reveals that the board is looking for a replacement for Dr. Robinson, as his mother is ill, and that Luc is his replacement. Andy and Luc toast to Dr. Robinson's mother's speedy recovery.

In Status 1A, Andy is asked by Luc for assistance with Dr. Robinson's patient; Luc is covering for him, and he needs help introducing himself to her. Dorothy Cooper has a bad heart, she explains, and Andy introduces Luc who is a good doctor, and Andy tells Dorothy that she's "in good hands." Luc tries to make a good inpression, but he is unsuccessful.

Later, Andy sees Kuol in the waiting room, and recommends a different room. The normally Kuol does not respond. Andy asks if Kuol can hear him; Kuol does not respond. Andy lifts Kuol's arms, but Kuol does not respond. Andy calls for a stretcher when Kuol finally replies; Kuol says that he could hear Andy, but he could not move or speak, and Kuol asks what's happening to him. Andy does not answer his question, but says, "it's going to be okay."

Andy explains to the committee that Kuol has suffered from a stroke, and although he has recovered fully, his blood work suggests otherwise. Andy is not certain if it's an infection, and states that he thought that the L-VAD would give Kuol more time to find a heart, but instead, the VAD is giving Kuol a harder time. Andy wants move Kuol up to Status 1A, and receives an unsuspected support from Luc. Everyone in the room votes for Kuol to move up to Status 1A. Dr. Jordan asks how Kuol is taking this. Andy replies that he hasn't told Kuol yet. Kuol says he doesn't feel sick after Andy explains about what happened in the waiting room. Kuol says that the condition sounds like something from Star Track.

Andy smiles briefly before explaining the rest: they need to get the VAD out, and then get Kuol a new heart. The VAD is working, but because it's a foreign object, it might become a focus for clots to happen. Andy explains that he's going to have to thin Kuol's blood, and he moved him up to Status 1A. Kuol reveals that he knows it's not as simple as it sounds, as Kuol could have another stroke at any moment. As Andy is checking on Kuol, Kuol says that he will have no more strokes. Andy imitates Kuol, making Kuol laugh and smile.

Once leaving his room, Andy tells Pam to increase Kuol's meds, and Pam asks how Kuol is doing. Andy replies that if they list Kuol for a transplant, Kuol will die before a heart becomes available. Andy is walking in the hallway when he is confronted by Detective Ted Sandefur. Detective Sandefur wants to talk with Andy. He complements how much Andy has risen since Mt. Washington, and that he's here about his uncle, Micheal Zelasko. Detective Sandefur says that because Andy's uncle is a criminal, the money is "dirty," and he will recieve a court order to seize it. He also wants Andy to rat out Micheal.

Andy is not cooperative, and Detective Sandefur says that he'll be back. Ryan gets a heart offer from UNOS. Andy rushes over, and askes if it's for Kuol. It is not for Kuol, but for Dorothy Cooper. As Luc accepts the heart, Andy says that he wants to talk with him. Ryan goes to arrange a procurement team. Andy explains to Luc that Kuol is in a greater need than Dorothy, but Luc talks back, telling Andy that Dorothy has a rare blood type, and this heart might be the only heart with her blood type for a while. Andy tries to perswade Luc again, but Luc does not relent.

The team is back, and Andy watches solemnly as the heart is taken away to transplant into Dorothy. Andy watches as Dorothy is wheeled out of the OR. Dr. Jordan tells Andy that she was unable to fix the problem with Kuol's money. Andy thanks her for trying, but Andy confesses that he isn't certain if Kuol is going to make it, and asks how Dr. Jordan deals with it; she says that Andy need a life outside Three Rivers. Andy is called down to see Kuol. Kuol remarks that he can't keep his vow: no more strokes. He asks Andy that when he dies, to give a letter to his family in Omaha, Kuol's self-made will. Kuol tells the story of his friend, Lam, and how he knew that he was going to die. Kuol know understands how he knew, and tells a dismayed Andy to be at peace with him, and thanks him for everything that he's done for him.

Andy asks if there are any heart offers for Kuol, but Ryan says there are none, and wishes that Kuol got the heart that Dorothy has. Andy tells Ryan that what happened to Dorothy could have happened to Kuol; Dorothy has severe brain damage from the trauma from the transplant. Andy is telling Ryan that he will accept any heart that UNOS has to offer when Luc says that Dorothy has been declared brain dead, and was a registered organ donor.

Andy tells the joyous news to Kuol, and holding hands, they go into the operating room. Miranda, David, Ryan, Pam, and Sophia all see Andy insert the new heart into Kuol. Andy is confronted by Detective Sandefur, and he asks where the money is. Andy tells him happily that the money is spent, and the detective threatens Andy. Andy ignores him and leaves. A couple days later, Andy visits Kuol, and gives Kuol back his self-made will. Then Miranda, David, Ryan, Pam, and Sophia come to celebrate Kuol's transplant. They toast to Kuol, and Kuol toasts to the Great Dr. Yablonski, and the Three Rivers team. Kuol also shows his concern that he will become like Roger, but Andy assures him that he will not be like him, but if he is, Andy will "personally come and pull you from the edge." All of them celebrate, happily, for Kuol's new life ahead of him.


  • "I want to save her life."
  • (To Scott) "And Scott, you're faced with a choice; you can either hear the wake up call or you can walk away."
  • (To Scott) "And your not your past, okay. It's one piece of you, it's not everything. You know Scott, maybe the old you doesn't deserve this heart, but you do."
  • (To Ryan) "Oh, Ryan. What if we can't get this heart? What if you'd come to me and I turned it down for some reason? Do you have any idea what Brandon and his family have been through? (Ryan shakes his head) They've been praying for this moment. They could be in their room celebrating right now. What do we have for them? Ryan, we have nothing!"
  • (To Rena) "Having one, a family, you know, a home."
  • (To Kuol about his marriage to Rena) "Well, uh, that's a good question. Well, the truth is I don't think I have a wife anymore."
  • "We're supposed to help him fight death, we're not supposed to help him invite it in."
  • (To Dr. Jordan) "Okay. You know what? All I know is that I've opened up a lot of chests...and I've never seen God. I've never seen a soul. I've never seen an after life. So until you can show me...that what's on the other side of that door is better than what we have here, then I'm not sending anyone through it."
  • (To Victor) "I fought for your life, and so did she, and cannot get behind you throwing it away."
  • (To Victor) "But you can feel, you can think."
  • (To Anton) "There was a time in my life when things were very wrong. Then I got a chance to turn it back, and I did. You can't play in the NBA, tough. You can do something else, something can can't even imagine now. A second chance is a powerful thing. Take it."
  • (To Miranda) "We don't control anything."
  • (To Miranda) "No, we're one piece of the puzzle. Someone out there, someone's getting out to work, and they have no idea they're gonna to be a donor today, and someone they never met is gonna live because they died. You did your part, and took every chance you could, you never gave up on those lungs, you even flew in a damn hurricane, and because you did, Anton Wethers and three other people are gonna live. That's a good thing."
  • (To Lisa about Scott) "I've lost patients before. You can't do this kind of work, and not lose patients, they're all so close to death. But Scott...he was turning it all around. He was turning it all around, but he didn't have enough time. Makes me want to walk away and not do this work ever again."
  • (To Luc) "Nobody is good at that part of the job, Luc, but it's part of the job you don't want to do."
  • (To Luc) "Is that how you see Lester? As a possible learning experience? Unbelievable."
  • (To Luc) "How long are you staying?"
  • (To Kuol) "I'm not going to let you die. I'm not going to give up, and you can't either."
  • (To Dr. Jordan) "After all he's been through, I don't think he's going to make it. It's the first time I've felt this way. How do you deal with it?"
  • (To Dr. Jordan) "Maybe you should follow you're own advice."


  • Andy shares several similarities with Dr. William Foster.
  • Both are respect surgeons.
  • Both are workaholics.
  • Both have cheated with one of their colleagues and on their wives.
  • With their similarities with each other, Dr. Foster and Andy are mentor and student.
  • Andy's rival, Dr. Luc Bovell, is also a student of Dr. Foster.
  • According to Rebecca, Andy and Rena grew up together.
  • It is presumed that Andy called Micheal Uncle Mike when he was a teen, similair to Micheal calling Andy Andrew.
  • It is presumed that Michael is Andy's maternal uncle because his last name is Zelasko.
  • It is hinted that Andy did not get along with Casper when he was a kid.
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