Dr. William Foster

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Dr. Miranda Foster (Daughter, alive)
Unnamed wife (presumed deceased)
Dr. Sophia Jordan (Lover, alive)


Attending surgeon



Dr. William H. Foster was the deaceased father of Dr. Miranda Foster. William died a year prior to the focus on the series. He was the founder of the hospital, Three Rivers. It was said that everyone loved him, but Miranda had a strained relationship with him, despite talking about her and his wife all the time; Miranda didn't talk with for two years before he died.  Not much is known about him, other than he was a workaholic, like Dr. Andy Yablonski. It is unknown why he spent immense amount at work when his wife was losing her mind, but his daughter believed that it was because of his love for Dr. Sophia Jordan, his student. A wing is named after him, where all of the episodes are set in.


  • William shares several similarities with Dr. Andy Yablonski: both are respected surgeons, workaholics, and cheated on their wives with one of their colleagues.
  • William's students, Dr. Sophia Jordan, Dr. Andy Yablonski, and Dr. Luc Bovell are all famous surgeons themsevles.
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