Dr. Yorn

First Apperance

Alone Together

Last Apperance



mid 30s



Attending surgeon



Portrayed by

John Bedford Lloyd

In Alone Together, Dr. Yorn is refusing to wait on word from UNOS as to who has the right to the liver. He is getting ready to procure the organ and Miranda heads to the OR and pushes him away from entering the room. Security arrives and grabs Miranda and she indivertibly hits the other doctor. Security escorts her from the OR. Later, UNOS has determined that the patient at Three Rivers is in more immediate need and orders that the West Virginia hospital turn it over. Dr. Yorn tells Miranda that she broke his nose and he expects her to cover his medical expenses. In Win-Loss, Dr. Yorn reunites with Miranda again on a donor run, scornishly remarking that "she throws things." Just as things are getting tense, everyone is told by a doctor that the organ donation is off. Ryan Abbott tells Miranda and the other teams that they're back on. The concern is that there is a hurricane, but Miranda propeses that they transport all the needed organs to Three Rivers, and from there, get to the other hospitals. Dr. Yorn agrees, but the other team leaves. Miranda and the two teams are harvesting the organs when the power goes out. Then, the organs are being loaded into the ambolance. Dr. Yorn shakes hands with Miranda, showing a new respect towards her. Then Miranda and her team leave to Three Rivers.