George Gerkins

First Apperance

Code Green

Last Apperance

Code Green






Eagles' football player




Portrayed by

Adam Cagley

Also known as

Big George

George Gerkins was a patient of Three Rivers Medical Center and the teammate of Blair Hubbell. The Bolton Valley High School (Eagles) is playing a football game against the Cass City Bears, and the Eagles quarterback, Blair Hubbell, makes a great apply through the winning touchdown to his receiver, Antonio. Blair and his teammates are heading towards the bus to get home. As they are driving home, the tire on the bus blows out. At Three Rivers, Lisa is contacted about the bus crash and she issues a "Code Green" to the staff. She explains that they are many kids that have been injured and neighboring counties have sent their ambulances to help. Kids are starting to be brought in for treatment. Patients are still being brought in and their next patient is George,  who is known as "Big George." Dr. Sophia Jordan and Dr. David Lee find that he has a dislocated shoulder. They tell him that they are going to knock him out and re-set his shoulder. All of a sudden, his oxygen levels drop and pulse begins to race. David is able to determine what is wrong and they are able to stabilize their patient.