Jackson White

First Apperance

Alone Together

Last Apperance

Alone Together


Declared brain dead


early 30s


Sally White (Wife, alive)



Organ donor



Portrayed by

Alistair Herz

Jackson White was the husband of Sally White, and was a donor for Mr. Boyle, a paitent of Three Rivers Medical Center. In West Virginia, Sally was pounding on the door of a house, looking for Jackson. A woman answered the door and the wife noteed that she knew her husband was here as his car is out front. We see Jackson climb out the window in the back of the house and run toward his car. He ended up walking out in the street without looking and was hit by a truck. Sally, is informed that Jackson is brain dead and they ask about his organs. She agreeed to donate them, although due to the accident, most of the organs were damaged, but his liver was fine. She went to his bedside and said a final goodbye.