John Warren

First Apperance

The Kindness of Strangers

Last Apperance

The Kindness of Stangers


Wife stabilized


early 40s


Tracy Warren (Wife, alive)



Member of Warren Global Foundantion



Portrayed by

Kevin Rahm

John Warren is the husband of Tracy Warren, and her partner of the Warren Global Foundation. At a party in San Fransisco, Tracy collasped from acute aconic liver failure, Dr. Sophia Jordan explained. Transplant was her best option, but even though John was a match and could donate half of his liver, her condition was so critical that Tracy had to have a whole new liver. John reluctantly agrees. They immeditly agree to accepting a liver from an unnamed donor. Even though Tracy was accepted for the liver, she requested that if she should die, John must continue her foundation. John said that would not happen because there was no such thing as failure. Sophia broke the news to them that the liver was bad; John asked how she could have made a mistake. Sophia told them that they had to wait for a another one. John was furious, and could not wait, however, and pleaded with Sophia that if she needed a transplant wing, she could have one, if she gave if wife a new liver. Sophia denies his request. John signed Tracy out of the hospital against medicl advice. Two weeks later,Tracy came back to Three Rivers for fever, vomiting, and an adomatal infection. It was revealed that John took her to Switzerland to get a transplant, and bought a liver from China. His wife was angry and confused about theose actions, and wanted him to leave.  Tracy's liver stopped functioning, and was rushed to the OR. John waited in the waiting room when Sophia said that Tracy would be able to pull through. John explains his actions to her, and he vows that he would spend every dollar to make up for the actions that he did, and she forgives him.  


  • (To Tracy) "I was so afraid to imagine what my life would be like without you; it's all I could see. I will spend every day from now on, every dollar, trying to make up for what I've done."