Karen Gupta

First Apperance

Good Intentions

Last Apperance

Good Intentions


Mother stabilized




Unnamed father (Deaceased)

Unnamed mother (Alive)





Portrayed by

Summer Bishil

Karen Gupta, a young college student in Portland, Maine arrives home early in the morning to find her parents comatose. Karen  finds out that her family was a victim to carbon monoxide poisoning and that her father did not make it. Her mother is in a coma and not expected to come out of it. The doctor tells her that her father was an organ donor and they will be making arrangements soon. Ryan and David head to Maine to get the heart for Scott. Karen and David spend some time together and she explains to him the circumstances around her father's death. She also explains that she feels guilty because she out to late and if she had come home. David reassures her that her father's death is not her fault and she would have probably died had she been home. As David is assisting in the recovery of the heart, he is in surgery he notices that something is wrong. He remembers Karen explaining the incident and realizes that this is not simple carbon monoxide poisoning. He finds the treating doctor and together they find a possible cure for the mother. He stays while they administer the cure with his new friend. Once the mother wakes up, David and Ryan head off to the airport to take the new heart back to Three Rivers.