Karen Gupta's parents

First Apperance

Good Intentions

Last Apperance

Good Intentions


Father brain dead because of carbon monooxide poisoning.

Mother cured of carbon monoxide posioning.


48 (Father)

late 40s (Mother)


Karen Gupta (Daughter, alive)



Organ donors


Deaceased (Father)

Alive (Mother)

Portrayed by


Karen Gupta's parents were found early in the morning in a comatose. Their daughter called for help. Karen found out that her family was a victim to carbon monoxide poisoning and that her father did not make it. Her mother was in a coma and not expected to come out of it. The doctor told her that her father was an organ donor and they will be making arrangements soon. As Dr. David Lee was assisting in the recovery of the heart, he was in surgery he notices that something is wrong. He remembered their daughter explaining the incident and realized that that was not simple carbon monoxide poisoning. He found the treating doctor and together they found a possible cure for the mother. He stayed while they administer the cure with his new friend. Once the mother woke up, David and Ryan head off to the airport to take the new heart back to Three Rivers.