Lester Dimes

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Portrayed by

Gregg Henry

Lester Dimes was a patient of Three Rivers Medical Center, and a former heart patient of Dr. Andy Yablonski. Lester comes back to Three Rivers, and Andy lightly scolds Lester for not exercising, as he should. Lester explains he has pain in his chest and side, and Andy tells Lester that they're going to have "a bunch of tests." Dr. Luc Bovell and Dr. Sophia Jordan visit Lester, who is on a bike, doing exercises. As Lester explains his symtoms to the doctors, Luc proposes a bypass surgeory instead of getting a new heart. Andy is visting Lester, who is now in a bed. Andy explains to Lester that his condition does not have to do with his heart, but Lester says that another doctor recomended bybass surgoery. Andy is annoyed, and tries hard not to show it, and tells Lester that he'll speak to Luc about the decsion. Andy explains to Lester the options he has: if Lester goes for the bypass, it will push tranplant down, and eventually he will have to get a new heart, but if he goes for the transplant, he will have "one surgoery instead of two." Lester says that he wants the bypass surgeory. Lester is experencing pain before the bypass surgery, and Andy takes Lester to get a CT scan with Dr. Jordan. Andy tells Lester that he's going to have to remain still. Andy and Dr. Jordan find a gigantic clot in Lester's heart, and Andy is going to have to opperate on him to get it out, but the clot also spread to part of his liver. Andy askes Dr. Jordan will be able to get it out, but Dr. Jordan says she's not certain if Lester will survive the opperation. Andy calls Luc for a second opinion. They decide to work together to get the clot out by cardiac bypass. Luc is able to find the clot, and Andy puts Lester on bypass. As Lester's heart stops, Andy is about to insize the superior vena cava while Luc disected the inferior, and is ready to snare the clot. Andy devides the clot; Andy gets out one half, and Luc gets another peice; the surgery is successful. Andy explains to Lester what happened, and Lester says that as soon as he gets out of here, he's going to run. Andy recomends walking first, and Lester thanks him.