Lori Campbell

First Apperance

Where We Lie

Last Apperance

Where We Lie


Son stabilized


early 30s


Dylan Campbell (Son, alive)



Portrayed by

Christie Lynn Smith

Lori Campbell is the mother of Dylan Campbell. She and her son were together when Dylan had just won one of those games and picks a dinosaur as a prize. The ride that TJ and his friend got on starts making creaking noises and their individual car comes off the metal arm and flies across the park, crashing into a structure. Lori starts screaming for Dylan and sees his dinosaur in the rubble. The ambulance is called to the amusement park and it is Dr. Lisa Reed's unit that responds. They find Dylan is trapped and he is being crushed under the collapsed structure and the ride car. Lisa refuses to leave his side as the rescue workers begin digging Dylan out. Dylan is freed from the collapse and rushed to Three Rivers. Dr. Andy Yablonski is called him when they discover that his pulmonary artery has been damaged. Andy and Lisa are preparing Dylan for scan when they notice that he is bleeding, internally, they must go in and remove his lung, now. Andy explains to Lori  that Dylan must have surgery to remove his lung. He explains that this is a risky procedure, but that Dylan will die without it. Dylan is out of surgery and Andy explains that the heart will continue to try to pump blood to both lungs and this could cause complications; the next 24 to 48 hours are critical. Dylan wakes up and everything appears to be all right with him.