Micheal Downing

First Apperance

The Luckiest Man

Last Apperance

The Luckiest Man


Organ donor found




Will Downing (Younger brother and minor sibling)

Two unnamed minor siblings (Alive)





Portrayed by

Nicholas Braun

Micheal Downing was a paitent of Three Rivers Medical Center. Micheal is playing in the yard with his little brothers and sisters, when after jumping into a pile of leaves he has trouble breathing. Micheal is brought into the ER and Dr. David Lee examines him. He is concerned that Micheal keeps leaving the hospital without treatment. Micheal explains that there is no else to care for his siblings, he is all they have. His sister states that one time when Micheal was in the hospital, they were put into separate foster homes. Michael tells David that he will not be admitted. David works on treating him in the ER, while running further tests.  David tells Michael that is condition has gotten worse and he needs to have surgery. Michael refuses and tells him he will sign out AMA. David gives him some medications to take home and he card, with his cell phone on back. Micheal is brought by ambulance back into the ER and David is called. Michael has gotten worse and he tells David that his siblings are safe. David admits Micheal telling him he now needs a lung transplant. David also tracks down the hospital social worker and asks for help. She authorizes the kids to stay in the adjacent hotel for two weeks. His doctor askes Victor Stone for a direct donation, for Micheal. Victor agrees to the donation. Micheal's siblings were lining the hallway, to thank him for his gift.