Mr. Hubbell

First Apperance

Code Green

Last Apperance

Code Green


Son declared brain dead


early 40s


Blair Hubbell (Son, deaceased)

Mrs. Hubbell (Wife, alive)



Portrayed by

Brian Howe

Mr. Hubbell is the father of Blair Hubbell and the husband of Mrs. Hubbell.  The Bolton Valley High School (Eagles) is playing a football game against the Cass City Bears. It is near the end of the game and the score is tied at 21. The Eagles quarterback, his son, makes a great apply through the winning touchdown to his receiver, Antonio. Blair and his teammates are heading towards the bus when Blair's father starts screaming at him. He is angry because the team was leading the game until Blair had thrown several interceptions. Bobby, the team's water boy, tries to calm Mr. Hubbell down, but it is in vain. Blair gets mad at his father and tells him he will ride home with his teammates. Despite the best efforts, Blair Hubbell is declared brain dead after a horrible bus crash. The hospital discuss organ donation with Mr. Hubbell and his wife. Bobby finds Mr. Hubbell in the lobby looking at the donor's wall. Mr. Hubbell regrets that his final moments with his son were fight over the game. And if he hadn't yelled at Blair, maybe he would not have been on the bus. Bobby shares that Blair changed seats with him. They comfort each other.