Nancy Mullens

First Apperance


Last Apperance



Daughter's organs harvested


late 50s


Kim Mullens (Daughter, deaceased)

Sam Eaton (Son-in-law, alive)



Portrayed by

Irene Ziegler

Nancy Mullens was the mother of Kim Mullens and the mother-in-law of Sam Eaton. Inside a church on Pawsley Island, South Carolina, Kim and Sam are getting ready to get married. Kim and Sam are pronouced husband and wife. As that happens, a shawdow appears and shoots into the crowd. Kim is shot. In Grove Medical Clinic, Kim is declared brain dead. A doctor discuses possible organ donation. Kim's mother, Nancy, refuses, but legally, Sam is the next of kin, and it is his decsion. Nancy refues to let Sam make the descion, and blames Sam for what happened. Sam desides to donate Kim's organs. By order of Nancy, the organ donation is put on hold. Dr. David Lee encounters Nancy, and tells her that she's making a terrible mistake, and that he's sorry about Kim. Nancy tells Sam that she regretts of the horrible things she told Kim before she died, and hopes she forgave her. Ryan Abbott tells Dr. Miranda Foster and the other teams that they're back on. David runs back to the hospital, and mouths "thank you" to Nancy. In the morning Anton meets Sam and Nancy. Anton says thank you to the family, and Nancy tells Anton that he lives for two now. Anton says he will.


(To David) "Are you one of those vultures come to tare my daughter apart?"

(To Anton) "You have to live for two now. You understand? You have to live for her too."