First Apperance

Alone Together

Last Apperance

Alone Together


Finance stabilized


mid 30s



Portrayed by

Kari Coleman

Rebecca is the fianance of Detective Phillip Lombardi. When she gets to the hospital, Dr. Andy Yablonski explains that he has an aortic aneurysm and he needs surgery. The problem is that he was given an anti coagulant to prepare for a catheter, which he now does not need. Andy explains that the longer they wait, the more time it gives the anti coagulant time to get out of his system. But the aortic aneurysm could burst at any minute and he would die. Andy states that there is a new procedure that he would like to try and Rebecca gives her consent. Andy comes out and explains to Rebecca and Rena that they had to open Phillip's chest, but he will be find. Rena shares with Rebecca how proud and in love she is with Andy, but feels that this is not enough to save their marriage. When Phillip is saved, Rebecca hugs Andy greatly, and goes to her fiancce's bedside. 


  • (To Rena about Andy) "'Yeah, it is: you love him, Rena. If it were all over tomorrow, would you spend your last day with him?"
  • (To Andy) "You know, like Phillip says, when you save a life, you save the world, and tonight you saved the lives of one man, and a woman, and two children."


  • Rebecca is one out of the ten characters whose last name is not mentioned.