Rhonda Becker

First Apperance

A Roll of the Dice

Last Apperance

A Roll of the Dice


Son's heart transplant failed


mid 40s


George Becker (Husband, alive)

Scott Becker (Son, deceased)



Portrayed by

Michele Greene

Rhonda Becker is the mother of Scott Becker, and the wife of George Becker. Dr. Andy Yablonski is checking on Scott when Rhonda and George walk in. George askes what's going on. Scott tells his father not to worry, they have a "plan." As Andy leaves, Scott tells him that if he hears screams, "it's just the sound of victory." Rhonda, thanks Andy for what he did for Scott. Later, Andy walks into Scott's room, and finds him asleep. Rhonda and George share that they know that Scott is rejecting his heart. Andy shares with them the options, but he believes that transplant would work best; UNOS will not reject Scott, considering how ill Scott is. Andy tells them to not give up hope. Rhonda embraces Scott before he goes into the OR. While in the OR, Andy insertets the new heart in Scott when Scott is in FIB. Although they try to revive him, he dies. Andy informes Scott's parents, and he watches mournfully as they grieve.


  • (To Dr. Andy Yablonski) "We just got our little boy back, doctor. Please don't tell me we're going to lose him again."