Robert Drinkwater

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Place of Life


Son given vitamins for mineral diffinecy


early to mid 40s


Auden Drinkwater (Son, alive)

Susan Drinkwater (Wife, mentioned, alive)


No information



Portrayed by

Spencer Garrett

Robert Drinkwater is the father of Auden Drinkwater and the husband of Susan Drinkwater. Dr. Miranda Foster examines Auden. Robert mentions that the boy has had stomach problems for the past few days. Miranda notices that there seems to be scar tissue in Auden's stomach and orders a CT scan. The CT shows that Auden swallowed several metal items including a pair of tweezers, and that they can remove it without any side effects. Miranda is concerned that this behavior is a symptom of a more serious problem at home. She discusses the situation with Robert, who shares that Auden's mother isn't home a lot of the time. Miranda concludes that Auden maybe swallowing metal as a way to call attention to himself and get his mother's attention. Later Miranda apoligizes to him, but Robert said that he thought that something like this was going to happen, and Auden wouldn't talk with him; he pleads Miranda to talk with his son.

Quotes Edit

(To Dr. Miranda Foster about Auden swallowing metal) "Well, the truth of it is, I knew something like this was gonna happen. With Susan being gone so much, and she and I just fighting over it all the time. Suddenly, he started poking around, you could say. And I was devensive; maybe it was denail, or just hoping it wasn't true, but after you told me, I tried to bring it up with him, him eating metal and everything....He won't even talk to me. It's like I don't even exist."