Roger Banks

First Apperance

Status 1A

Last Apperance

Status 1A


Declared brain dead


mid 20s



Organ donor



Portrayed by

Brian Flaccus

Roger Banks was the friend and partner of Craig Derkin. In Knoxville, Pennsylvania, Roger Banks is attempting to jump over thirteen cars with his motocycle, complete with a rocket, his videotographer, Craig Derkin, explains. Roger starts his motocycle, and starts the rocket. The rocket is so powerful it causes Roger to fall off, and the motocycle to crash near by. The rocket is out of control, and heads straight toward Craig. In an ambolance, Roger takes over the videotography as Craig is injured. He explains Craig's "final moments" on the video camrea. Craig geos into the ER as Roger explains to what happened to the attending doctor. She tells him that he needs to not film in the ER. Roger is trying to get Craig to say something when Craig is finding it hard to breathe. The attending doctor again shouts for Roger to move, and to stop filming. She inserts a needle inside Craig's treacha to help him breathe. Roger faints. Craig is awake and stablized. He askes the attending doctor where Roger is. The attending doctor explains that when Roger fainted, he hit his head on the streacher, and sustained a fatal head injury, and has been declared brain dead. Craig at first does not beleive her, telling her that Roger would not die so sudden and lamely. The attending doctor gives her apologies, and tells Craig to rest, before being told to get Craig's video camrea. A couple days later, Dr. Miranda Foster brings Craig in to visit Kuol, Roger's recipient. Craig shows a video of Roger, and Craig says that Roger always wnated to do something amazing. Kuol said he did. Craig offers Kuol to come to his house sometime.