Russ Coble

First Apperance


Last Apperance



mid 50s



Anton Wether's lawyer



Portrayed by

David Whalen

Russ Coble was the lawyer of Anton Wethers. Russ reveals that he used to be on drugs, but since then, he has been clean, and is ready for the pros. Then Anton collapses. Anton is rushed to Three Rivers. Anton is awake, and is hooked up to a machine, and has a VAD. Russ arrives in Anton's room. Dr. Andy Yablonski explains to Anton that he cannot leave just yet, since his heart is not pumping enough blood. Andy tells Anton about his conditon; his valve is too small to pump blood, which is why he collapsed earlier, and proposes to replace his vavle. Anton and Russ agree. While opperating on Anton, Andy notices that the new valve is not working. He sends Anton upstairs. Andy tells Anton that he needs a heart transplant. Anton askes how long it is before he can play ball. Andy tells him that he can never play ball again, and he's sorry. Anton refuses the heart transplat, and shouts at Russ to get out of his room. Anton's heart transplant is succesful.