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Cornea transplant successful


early 20s






Portrayed by

Susan Park

Sangeun was a patient of Three Rivers Medical Center. Sangeun stares out into the sky and starts to read when the plane starts to shake rapidly.The plane shook so hard that she ruptured her corneas, and is transported to Three Rivers. Her doctors askes for the help of Dr. David Lee, explaining that Saguen is from Korea, and she can only speak Korean; he askes an insulted David to explain her situation to her. David introduces himself to Sangeun, the Korean patient. David explains to Sangeun that when the plane shook, it shook so hard that it ruptured her corneas. Sangeun is very confused and afriad as David tries to explain to Sangeun about a cornea tranplant, and shouts at David to "find someone who's actually Korean." David leaves. Sangeun apologises to David for her behavior earlier, and that she understands her situation now. Then Sangeun askes David how he knows Korean. David says that he learned Korean growing up, as his parents were from Korea; his mother, an American Korean, and his father, a Korean American. David had a hard time fitting in, and Sangheun tells him that Korea is a beutiful country, but she's afraid she won't be able to see it again. David promises her that he will help her see again, and Sangheun askes if he will be there during the surgeory. David says he will. Sangeun is in the OR with David and the other doctor. As they are opperating, the other doctor offers David a job at his hospital. They about to transplant the donor's cornea into Sangeun's. Sangeun can see again, with some difficulty. David says she'll see better soon. Sangeun thanks him, but David says to thank the other doctor. The doctor next to David, it turns out, can speak Korean, and Sanguen can speak English. David travels to the air port with Sangeun to see her off. Beaming, Sangeun gives him a kiss on the check as she departs.


  • Sangeun is one out of the ten characters who's last name is not mentioned.