Yolanda Moss

First Apperance

Every Breath You Take

Last Apperance

Every Breath You Take


Son stablized


early 40s


Patrick Moss (Son, alive)



Portrayed by

Lorraine Toussaint

Yolanda Moss is the mother of Patrick Moss. Yolanda walks in the ER when Patrick is being treated by Dr. David Lee. David explains to Yolanda that they cannot give Patrick medicine for the pain because he may have taken drugs, becuase if they did, Patrick would stop breathing. Yolanda talks with her son, but Patrick still says that he didn't take drugs. Yolanda then talks with David, telling him that Patrick took rock cocaine when he was fifteen, the same as her. They got clean together, and have been ever since. David and Dr. Lisa Reed share with Yolanda that Patrick didn't take drugs. Patrick is having trouble breathing again. Lisa and David believe that it is because of the scar tissue tightening around Patrick's chest. They put him under to reduce the strain by surgeory, and a nurse takes Yolanda outside. Patrick is awake and well. Lisa and David are certain that there is a disease causing Patrick's breathing problem. From his mother's information, Lisa says that it might be joint inflamation. It turns out that Patrick is suffering from an auto-immune disease that effects the lungs, making it hard to breathe. David orders the nurses to give Patrick medication for the disease. Yolanda hugs David for saving her son.


  • (To David) "Is my son going to die?"
  • (To David) "I can't lose him now, not after all we've been through."